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English for University Studies I (Standard Stream) LANG1002S


The objective of the course is to raise students’ proficiency, and their ability to recognize and use some of the language and text types common in an academic environment. This will be done through both in-class work and out-of-class activities. The course grade will take into account students’ achievement in set course tasks and their participation in other English learning activities.

Students will take a pre-course English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) test during the Orientation period at the end of August. This test determines the extent to which students can understand English and use the language to communicate their ideas effectively. This pre-course test enables instructors to give students feedback and advice on aspects of English which they need to improve if their proficiency is to increase. Instructors will discuss the results with students in Week 4 and Week 6.

Students must register for this test. The online registration system will be open between August 11 and August 25. Students must register for both the speaking and written parts of the test. To register, go to http://register.cle.ust.hk/elpa

Students are expected to observe academic integrity in all their work submitted. Further details about the university’s Academic Honor Code can be found at: http://www.ust.hk/provost/integrity/index.html.

Course assessment scheme

The Course Assessment Scheme 



% of course mark

Due Date

1st Speaking Task

 A 2 1/2 – 3 minute speech-with-a-story, in which you advise classmates how to get the most out of university.  


Week 7


1st Writing



 A paragraph about an idea which changed people’s lives, in which you demonstrate your paragraph writing skills. 


Week 9

2nd Writing


An expository essay, in which you introduce a past game-changing idea and explain its impact. The essay must be submitted to Turnitin.


Week 11

Final copy must be uploaded to Turnitin by deadline – to be announced.


2nd Speaking Task


 With your essay in mind, look to the future.  Speculate about what might be a game-changing idea in the future, in a 3 1/2 – 4 minute speech. 


Week 13

Vocabulary Tests

(three tests)

 Evidence of knowing 120 set words, based on your ability to use them. 


To be announced



The extent to which you demonstrate a mature and responsible attitude towards learning by being punctual and prepared for class, and then focused and active in class.


The quality of specific pieces of work, designed to develop your proficiency, which you submit at different times during the semester.


Throughout the semester


Electronic Submission of Written Assignments

The second assessed task must be submitted to Turnitin by the assignment due date to check for originality. Access to the Turnitin System will be provided to the students in due course.

What do the grades mean?

On completion of the course, students will receive a letter grade which corresponds to the levels of work described below:

A range Outstanding ⇒ Excellent
B range Very good ⇒ Good
C range Adequate ⇒ Average
D range Weak
F Fail